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Innovaya Composer for Revit - Now Supporting Revit 2011!
Supporting both Autodesk Revit® Architecture, Revit Structure, and Revit MEP, Innovaya Composers for Revit create a single building information model (BIM) from all your Revit design files for various downstream Innovaya applications.

Innovaya Composer for Revit is an add-on program for Autodesk Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, and Revit MEP . It imports the Revit design element information into Innovaya project model and exports the model into an .INV file, which can be read by all Innovaya visual applications for visualization, communication, quantity takeoff, cost estimating, construction simulating, and so on.

Merge or Synchronization of Multiple Project Models
An .INV file is a true BIM because it can contains multiple models created by different designers for different disciplines. Whether you use Autodesk Revit Building, Autodesk Revit Structure, or Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture or MEP, even other 3D design applications, Innovaya Composer for Revit is able to merge all these designs into one model in the INV format. When loaded into one of the Innovaya visual applications, the multiple designs can be seen and used as one single project model.

Support for Change Management
Innovaya Composer for Revit can synchronize the design changes seamlessly. Once an .INV file has been created, the original Revit model may need to change resulting a new Revit model. By merging the INV file with the new Revit model, the composer automatically imports all of the new objects and synchronizes all the changed or deleted objects with the original ones. The change status of all of the objects in the new INV model will be marked appropriately, which can be visualized in Innovaya visual applications in different color codes.

Assembly Tools
The Assembly Code on Revit Family Types is the connector between the Revit BIM models and many other external systems such as estimating. Innovaya Composer for Revit allows the users of Innovaya Design Estimating and RS Means Assembly Database with Timberline Estimating to assign appropriate assembly code to the family types directly from the RS Means database eliminating the mappings between the objects and cost assemblies for automatic estimation.

Support Revit Phases for Automatic 4D Enabling
The Revit Phases are often used as milestones or major project sections for a construction project. When objects are assigned to these phases, Innovaya Composer for Revit can automatically link these objects into a default schedule with tasks in the INV file, which can be opened in Innovaya Visual 4D Simulation to run 4D animations immediately. All Innovaya Visual applications can also group objects according to the phases. The composer also has a Phase Tool which allows the user to easily assign Revit objects to phases.

Support for User-defined Units
When an .INV file is created in Innovaya Composer for Revit, you can define desired object unit types for linear units, area units, and volume units. This is a useful feature to better support the primary function of the INV model to be used in the target application. For example, regardless what units are defined in the Revit model by the designers, as an estimator, you might want the linear units for all of the objects to be in feet because you have used the foot unit for most of the linear variables in your Timberline database. The composer will then automatically convert all objects units according to your settings when the Revit model is converted into the INV file.

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