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Innovaya Software Products - Overview
Based on Building Information Models (BIM) technologies, Innovaya software solutions automate and streamline the entire process of design and project management.

Designed to take advantage of intelligent building objects in Building Information Models (BIM), these solutions revolutionize the way AEC professionals do business, and they effectively improve the communications between designers, builders and clients. As a result, these solutions enormously improve the productivity and efficiency and effectiveness of project coordination, team communication, construction planning, quantity takeoff, and project estimating.

Getting the Most from Your Investment
Our goal is to leverage your IT investment by taking full advantage of the software, skills, and experience you have already acquired. A general design philosophy for Innovaya software is “not to reinvent the wheel”. Instead, the goal of the software is to integrate the best off-the-shelf applications already used by the AEC professionals and streamline the AEC processes, allowing data to be shared, exchanged and applying new functions when necessary. For example, Innovaya applications import Autodesk’s Architectural Desktop® and Revit® objects and deliver the complete building model to downstream applications. These applications offer primary functions for design delivery, communication, project briefing and comprehension, scheduling, quantity takeoff to MS Excel, and estimating using Sage Timberline technologies, all based on BIM with the data seamlessly shared between applications.

Target Users
Innovaya applications are meant to support team work from design to construction. The software benefits can be fully realized when it's used in a team envionment, whether virtually or in the same company. With this goal in mind, our technologies are developed with two principles: 1. the project data must be shared and exchanged by all of our applications (see .INV Files). Little altering of design data or reentering should be needed. 2. We intend to offer various applications with features that suit for different needs and different user types or companies. Whether you are a design firm, a contractor, a design-build, or an owner organization, you will find Innovaya applications useful for your AEC projects. For example, the users who find Innovaya software beneficial include:

  • BIM designers, engineers, and 3D modelers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Project and Construction Managers or subcontractors
  • Estimators and cost database experts
  • Schedulers
  • Owners
  • and so on...

Innovaya Project Model Files (.INV Files)
All Innovaya software works with data in .INV files. The name 'INV' is a file extension name derived from the word 'Innovaya'. The .INV files are highly compressed consisting of information about building elements including 3D geometric and parametric data. They also contain essential construction planning information such as cost and scheduling tasks, and their association with the building elements. In other words, the INV files represent a Project Information Model (PIM) for an AEC project. The INV files are created by Innovaya composer applications for major CAD programs such as Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture/MEP, Autodesk Revit, or generic 3D DWG files. Additionally, an INV file can contain a complete project model by importing multiple CAD files and syncronizing design changes. Once an INV file is created for a project, it can be used by all Innovaya visual applications.

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